Stallholder Terms & Conditions

Bairnsdale Makers Market Stallholder Terms and Conditions:

The market is conducted by Bairnsdale Makers Market Inc. (BMM) and the licence to operate a stall within the market is at the sole discretion of the BMM Committee.

Maker Criteria:

  • Handmade/designed/created by the maker
  • New and/or recycled materials used to create a new product
  • Not Mass produced or imported

Your application must contain a list of ALL items you will be selling at your stall on the day, failure to list all items could result in you being asked to remove items from sale.

You must also provide photos of the stock you will be selling, this is a requirement for insurance and stall placement. Product photos must be included with your application and further photos can be emailed to

Stock is to be handmade/designed by the maker.  No goods (such as job lots/finished products) shall be purchased from any other source, and then offered for sale. Failure to abide by these terms may result in event organisers requesting that items be removed from sale during the event.
We will endeavour, where possible, to meet all your requirements and special needs.

We ask that you do not send payment in with your application form and EFT/Internet banking is our preferred method of payment, please note: cheques are no longer accepted. Stall holder fees are non-refundable.

It is required that the business owner/product maker is there on the day of the market to man their own stall. It is in your best interest to do so as you know your products the best and can adequately advise customers and answer any questions they may have. If unforeseen circumstances arise which may result in you being unable to be there on the day to man your stall and you wish to have another person (for example: family member) do so on your behalf, you will need to contact the BMM Committee to gain approval prior to the market.


It is preferable (but not essential) that you hold your own Product and Public Liability insurance to cover your products.  If you do have your own insurance, you will need to send a copy of your insurance policy to us, either via mail or email, prior to the event.  If you hold your own insurance you will receive a $5 discount once we receive a copy of your policy.

There are limited spaces available for stall holders without their own public liability insurance (which can result in our inability to offer you a stall space. Event insurance is held with Freeman McMurrick and is for: $10,000,000.00 public liability insurance.  This insurance does not cover any products, tables, chairs or props.


Each single indoor stall has a 2 metres’ frontage. Please ensure your table is not larger than the allocated 2m space provided or you will not be able to use it on the day.

Stall holders are to provide their own table, chairs, displays, props and if you book an outside marquee site you will need to provide your own marquee.  We cannot guarantee access to walls for hanging items, and doors are not suitable, so please ensure you bring sufficient display equipment with you.

Tables are to be appropriately covered (minimum white or cream table cloths). We encourage you to be creative with the visual merchandising of your stall, and suggest you take care with the design of your display above the table-line.  Please ensure that all stock carry boxes and bags are out of sight during the event and the space around and behind your stall is neat and tidy. Also please ensure that all walkways are clear of any clutter.

Stall holders are to ensure that the rubbish generated from your stall is removed from the premises after the event.

Each stall holder is provided with a lanyard as they arrive. These must be worn at all times, so that stall holders can be identified by the committee and members of the public. The lanyards must be returned to the box on the community and services table prior to departing the building at the conclusion of the market.

Setting up:
Set up commences at 7am. Please ensure you arrive by 7.15 as stall setup must be completed by 8am. Doors will close at 8am for a briefing and then re-open to the public at 8.30am.

Ten minute parking for unloading will be available in Wallace Street, DO NOT park on the oval.  Once you have unloaded your items, please remove your vehicle from the front of the school/Boucher Hall.  We suggest moving your vehicle to the BARC or netball courts. This is so the public/market customers have sufficient parking spaces.

Packing up:

Do not pack up your stall prior to 1.30pm, unless directed by an event organiser.  If special circumstances occur such as an emergency which require you to leave, please speak with an event organiser prior to packing up.  If the event is still busy at the planned closing time, event organisers reserve the right to allow for an additional hour of trading.

As stated about, upon application you need to provide us with photos of the items you will have available for sale. This is a requirement of our public liability insurance and it also helps us with placement of your stall within the market. If you have applied previously you still need to provide us with photos of items you intend to sell as this keeps our files up to date.

If you give us permission to use images of your stock, they may be used for the purposes of promoting the event. Your images will most likely be altered for presentation purposes.  This includes but is not limited to cropping, sharpening and adding filters.  Your stock will not be misrepresented by these alterations. Your business name may not be mentioned in some instances (such as on flyers); but where appropriate we will publish your business name as the origin of the products (such as on Facebook).  This will be at our discretion, and is to be considered a free value-add as a stall holder at this event.

Code of Conduct:
We would like to remind you that the BMM is run as a non for profit community group and none of the committee members are paid for the time involved in providing this event for the community, every hour is volunteered. Also every member has a family and work/study commitments, so when contacting the committee members via phone, email, Facebook, etc. please keep this in mind. Please be respectful in the way you conduct yourself. If you do not conduct yourself in respectful manner when dealing with the committee and other stall holders your stall will be cancelled and you will not be invited back to attend. We believe everything can be resolved in a courteous and respectful manner. There will be no warnings.