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Stall Holder Application Form – Bairnsdale Makers Market

Boucher Hall, Bairnsdale Secondary College, Corner McKean and Wallace Streets, Bairnsdale VIC 3875

Stall Types:

Option A – $50
Inside stall, 2 metre front width (SINGLE)

Option B – $100
Inside stall, 4 metre front width (DOUBLE)

Option C – $45
Outside undercover stall, 2 metre front width (SINGLE)

Option D – $85
Outside undercover stall, 4 metre front width (DOUBLE)

Option E – $50
Outside NO shelter marquee 3mx3m

Please note: marquees, tables, chairs and props are to be supplied by the stallholder.


Mail application form to: Bairnsdale Makers Market, PO Box 676, Bairnsdale VIC 3875

A - Inside Stall 2m Front Width (single stall)B - Inside Stall 4m Front Width (double stall)C - Outside undercover stall 2m Front Width (single stall)D - Outside undercover stall 4m Front Width (double stall)E - Outside NO shelter marquee 3x3m
All tables, marquees, props, chairs and anything required for your stall must be provided by the stall holder.

If yes YOU MUST provide us with current copy of policy or certificate of currency.

EmailAustralia Post

You will need to reduce the size of your photos to below 1MB each.
Accepted files PDF, jpeg, gif & png files
(Please note there is a 1MB limit for all files)

I give permission for images of my products to be used for marketing and advertising purposes, both online and in print. These may be the images I have supplied (which maybe modified to enhance appearance) or ones taken by the organisers.

I have provided an accurate description of my productsI have indicated my preferred form of contactI have uploaded a copy of my public liability insuranceI have uploaded 3 - 5 images of my products
Even if you have provided photos of products in the past, if you have new products or have updated current products please provide us with photos.

If you are having trouble resizing your photos, then please email them to
Thank you.

After submitting, you will receive a confirmation email.